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Finding suppliers who really understand what makes you: “you”, is not always an easy task. For that reason I thought it might be helpful and inspiring to start a 'Friday Feature' here on the blog. Once a month I will showcase a business who have the service and creativity I think you're looking for.* They have the artistic ability to help celebrate your personality in your wedding or celebration – without compromising on style or quality.

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of catching up with the gorgeous Lauren from Bluebird Creative. Bluebird Creative is a relatively new business but, with Lauren's stylish nature, the brand is already building a reputation as a luxury wedding planner in Surrey. I asked Lauren a few questions, so you can get to know more about her, her business, and what she does.

Brambleolai Friday Feature Lauren Bluebird Creative Stylish Style Focused Luxury Wedding Planner Surrey
Lauren Goodman - Bluebird Creative. Photography: Mindy Coe Photography


“Firstly, I wanted my own business to work around family – but also, I absolutely love weddings, events, styling. Being creative is one of my passions...I love being creative in any sense. Table styling; that sounds so weird, but I just love layering up a table – working from the table cloth through to the plates and the cutlery, and then into the flowers and all the extra decorative bits; and just stepping back at the end and going 'yes, that's it'. Also – I absolutely love a list. I don't want to be cliché and say I'm organised...but – I am.”


“Stylish clients, that's our brand. People that are looking for the details. They want the personality and they want the details throughout the whole day. We have had clients come to us who don't necessarily want that – but our ideal client is somebody who wants all those extra beautiful bits...somebody that wants something beautiful, in every element of the day. Also people that trust us. I've got an amazing client at the moment who just trusts that I know what I'm doing; I'll throw ideas to her and she will say 'yep' because she's just leaving me to do it.”


“I have so many, and they all have such amazing stand out moments, but this year my real stand out wedding was Mary and Jonny. They were a full plan wedding. It was awesome – we had four months, it was down on Worthing pier, it was May bank holiday – the hottest May bank holiday to date, clear blue was beautiful. We had detail throughout everything; and they were just the loveliest people, an absolute pleasure to work with. I really loved working with them. They knew what they wanted, but I then helped develop it and made suggestions. They were just brilliant,,,and the team that we pulled in on the day were just incredible – it was a dream team wedding – it was a really good day.”


“I really want to do a wedding weekend. I want a couple that want a really style-led wedding that is over a weekend. Somewhere like Axnoller, where we can literally do the Friday night barbecue, the Saturday full celebration, the Sunday brunch – and have details and elements throughout all three days as well. That would be phenomenal. Or a 'glamping' weekend – where you have to set up all the accommodation on sight and then think about things for the next day like a mini festival.”


“A lot of clients might think they can just ring us at any time, whereas we will block out times to work on each client's wedding throughout the week because we're not just working on one project. Obviously we try to make all our clients feel like they've got our one-hundred percent undivided attention but in reality, although we will give them everything, they're not the only project we are working on – so we can't always just pick up a call, things need to be scheduled in. Otherwise you're not giving them your full attention, I don't think.

We try to make sure that clients will book in a Skype or book in a phone call – so we can actually have it all prepared, and go through everything with them properly...or email. Our time is also spent on the business, as well as in the business; we have to do our blogging, go out and look at venues, meetings with new suppliers.”


“For me, the most important thing is for them to remember that their day is about them and to not get swept away in all the other stuff. I will always say to a couple: 'when everybody is taking their seats, when they've been called into the wedding breakfast, go off and go and have five minutes just the two of you – because you are going to get pulled from pillar to post, everybody's going to want to talk to you – go and have five minutes just the two of you, and just remember it's about you'.

Another piece of advice is: nobody really tends to do a receiving line these days. Some do, and that's fine – but it's very traditional, it takes ages, and it actually doesn't feel very personal. Instead of doing a receiving line – my advice is – during your wedding breakfast you will always be the first table to be served your food and there is a little bit of time in between each course (because obviously they have to get round to all tables) so once you've finished your first course get up and go round to a couple of the tables and just go and have a chat with the people at the tables. Thank them for coming, and you can actually have a bit more of a personal chat with each person – ask if they are having a nice day etc. Go sit down, have your main, then go do the same.

What you don't want to do is get to the evening reception – having not really had a chance to have a chat with people, because you won't have loads of time at the drinks reception as you'll be doing photos – and then have to say hello to everyone, and not be able to go and enjoy it, not get on the dance floor and dance to the band or the DJ that you've paid to enjoy. Then you only have to greet the people that arrive for the evening, if there are any, and you can enjoy.”

Brambleolai Friday Feature Bluebird Creative Stylish Style Focused Luxury Wedding Planner Surrey Tablescape
Styling: Bluebird Creative | Photography: Mindy Coe Photography


“I don't get a lot of spare time. Before I started the business, and before I had kids, I used to bake all the time. I even entered the Bake Off. Now that my daughter is two – I'm getting her baking. We are baking the most basic stuff but I'm loving it again – I really missed it. I love styling my house, I like going to the spa, and I like running (when I'm not pregnant). It's really good head space. It's tiring and it doesn't necessarily feel good – but I like the head space. I like putting on some really Indie/Rock music and just going and clearing my head...with a child and a business – it's quite nice doing something for you.”

Lauren is such a lovely lady and I can just tell she would be an amazing planner to work with. You would feel in safe hands and be able to trust that she will pull together all of the details that reflect your personality for your wedding or celebration. If you are looking for a stylish and luxury wedding planner in Surrey – be sure to take a look at Bluebird Creative.

I want the Friday Feature to really help you with your wedding and celebration plans so if there is a particular brand, business, or person you would love to know more about - get in touch with me, and if they fit with Brambleolai, I will try to feature them.

*Please note: I have not been paid by any business for promotion in a Friday Feature – I choose to feature their work because I feel their brand fits with Brambleolai's clients. I have not necessarily worked with the businesses personally and you should always thoroughly research suppliers to make sure they are the right fit for you. These posts are designed to inspire, inform, and introduce – not sell.

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